How To: Turn Your Apple Watch Case into a Charging Dock

Turn Your Apple Watch Case into a Charging Dock

For all that money spent on a new Watch, Apple could've given us more than just a charger and its case. I mean, the case is nice and all, but what realistic use is there for it? In all honesty, it'll probably find its way onto a shelf high above in the closet—but it doesn't have to.

Thanks to the innovative efforts of Reddit user gmcddit, you can easily turn that fancy case into a charging dock. All you need is a knife and a marker.

Step 1: Remove the Panel

To begin, remove the fitted panel that's attached to the case. This part may require some elbow grease as it's glued to the casing. Next, draw a circle where the charger should be placed.

Step 2: Start Cutting

With your circle drawn and knife or razor blade ready, cut a hole while also making some room for a small piece of the cord.

On one end of the case, make a small incision that'll allow the rest of the cord to find its way out.

Step 3: Insert the Charger

With the holes cut out, insert the charger and place the panel back into the casing.

If you followed all the steps correctly, you should now have a practical use for the case Apple gave you. Place it on your nightstand, plug it in, and you're ready to go.

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A knife will not cut through that hard plastic. You'll have to use something else. Or a heat knife. Not sure how they originally did it.

An X-ACTO knife or razorblade should do the trick.

I have been using my razor blade. Won't puncture the hard plastic.

The person pictured in the photos used a kitchen knife, so it may just require some time, patience, and precision.

Good luck!

Just talked to the actual person who made this and he said he used a drill. Knew there was more to the story. Ha

I literally just did this! It was not easy...and since I didn't have a drill..I melted the plastic enough so that I could get my blade through the plastic. Also..from burning the plastic, now I have some nice black soot on the case...will probably paint it over at some point.
Be careful!! Don't try this at home kids!

That's pretty awesome that you were able to do that. Thanks for the pic and sorry for the late response.

This looks pretty cool. But I thinks it's better to invest on a travel case with a charging dock in one. I saw this project in kickstarter that I think you might also be interested in : .

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