How To: Get in Shape with These Five Fitness Apps for Your Apple Watch

Get in Shape with These Five Fitness Apps for Your Apple Watch

With the high rate of obesity in the United States, it's fantastic to see the massive wave of fitness tools available, even if it's just a trend. And with the companionship of your Apple Watch, keeping track of your progress or fitness goals has never been easier. As my LA Fitness intercom repeatedly announces, "What gets measured gets improved." (Corny, but very true.)

While your Apple Watch does come with its own Activity and Workout apps, I'm going to show you some third-party fitness options that can help facilitate a healthier and more fit lifestyle overall.

MyFitnessPal: Diet Tracker

Like any fitness plan, one of the most vital yet overlooked aspects is your diet. Although keeping track of your food intake and calories can be difficult on your own, MyFitnessPal makes it simple. Using the companion app on your Watch, you can seamlessly glance at your progress (calories, nutrients, steps) and remain on track with your goals.

RunKeeper: Running Companion

RunKeeper is not the only running Apple Watch app, but it is the most useful and well-implemented in my opinion. Using the iPhone app, just select your type of workout you want, then keep track of the pace and progress from your Watch. It's simple enough to just get up and go.

Fitstar Yoga: Personal Yoga Instructor

Led by yoga expert Tara Stiles, FitStar Yoga offers workout videos on your iPhone while allowing you to glance at your Watch to keep up with the positions and duration.

Six Pack: Washboard Abs

I've always wanted six-pack abs, but I'd settle for a two-pack at this point. Regardless of how many visible ab muscles you want, Six Pack is here to help you achieve your abdominal goals. With various ab workouts and a virtual trainer, Six Pack makes your ab workout easier to do at any level you prefer.

Seven: A Quick Workout

One of the biggest inhibitors to working out and getting in shape is the time commitment involved. It can be difficult for many to find a time outside of work and home life to get to the gym or go for a run. Using Seven, all you need is a chair, a wall, and your own body weight. Get the benefits of working out in a short period of time.

These were just some of our favorites; let us know what you guys and girls recommend in the comments below.

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